Ocarinafestival 2010

from 30.07.2010 to 01.08.2010
at the Berghof Agatharied
(Miesbach, Bavaria, Germany)

Oliver Gosselink


gosselink3.jpg Olivier began making ocarinas in 1986. His mother was a potter, so there was a workshop at home, giving him access to many different kilns, clays and glazes.
In 1982, the folk music academy of Toulouse ordered some clay flutes and ocarinas, sparking Gosselink's interest in ocarinas.
He studied classical music at the music academy of Toulouse, playing the flute, and finished receiving all of his diplomas. However, instead of moving on to teaching the flute, he decided to travel the world before moving to Spain, where he began making ocarinas as a living.
He currently is living fifty kilometers North of Lyon, and continues to make ocarinas and perform his music